Exfoliating Gloves


Ultimate cleansing for your skin!

Get the softest skin ever with our shower gloves. If you use our body scrubs 2-4 times a month, the products will be absorbed better, bumps and ingrown hairs will be reduced and blood circulation will be promoted. The double-sided exfoliating shower mitt can help you remove dirt, grease and impurities from all over your body.


Super Soft - The super soft and delicate surface is especially suitable for children's delicate skin, allowing painless rubbing. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and restore healthy beautiful skin. Perfect for the whole family and for all skin types.

Reusable - 3D fabric, which is soft when put in the water, you can wring it out at will. With hanging rope for easy drying, no mold or bacteria formation, can be reused indefinitely.

Easy to Use - Drain all water from the glove and rub your body with some pressure. Walk up and down AND side to side. This works great and removes all dead skin particles.

Wide Applications - Make your skin soft and shiny, suitable for cleaning arms, legs, chest and back. Be careful not to use them on your face to avoid unnecessary damage.

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